Dre Baldwin's books on mindset, Personal Development, basketball, business & communication  

The Mirror Of Motivation 

Learn the secrets about drive and confidence so you can active your best being -- and have the results come naturally...

The Third Day

Show up and perform at your best when you least feel so you can be a true professional -- which means having the reputation that finally gets you paid what you deserve...

The Overseas Basketball Blueprint

Get that elusive overseas basketball contract so you can fulfill your dreams, get paid to play ball, and join the 1% of athletes...

How To Play As Well As You Practice

Eliminate performance anxiety and play with total confidence so you can start showing your game and getting the recognition you deserve...

Bulletproof Bundle 

leadership Bundle 

Work On Your Game 

The Mental Workbook 

30 Days To Discipline Manual

Bulletproof Mindset 1.0 manual

The Mental Handbook 

The Super You 

100 Mental Game Best Practices 

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Ask Yourself A Better Question 

Dre Philosophy Vol. 0 

The Seller's Mindset 

Work On Your Game: The untold stories

25 Conversation Starters 

55 Daily People Skills 

25 Reasons To Quit Worrying 

Basketball: The 4 Essential Mental Game Tools

Basketball: The 9 Essential Game Skills 

Basketball: 30 Days To Tryouts 

Basketball: Which Position Should You Play? 

Overseas Basketball Secrets 

basketball agents: DECODED

The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps

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