How To Finish Everything You Start and Have dependable & Consistent Follow-Through (So You Can Stop leaving things half-done and letting Yourself down)

The Guaranteed 30-day Solution To Your Inconsistency Problems...

The problem...

You have things you want to do, but you're simply not doing them – or, you're not doing them consistently enough. 

Yeah – you make plans to do things and have every intention of following through, but then another week (or month) goes by and you're in the same place as before: beating yourself over your own inconsistency and telling yourself that you'll follow through next time

Always "next time." 

What's worse...

You know what you're capable of, but you've continually failed to follow through...

... Which leads to frustration, because you know what you need to do. 

You've had the same conversation with yourself so many times, you might as well record yourself talking and play it back the next time. Because you're starting things that never get done and nothing's changing. 

What You've Tried...

You're no dummy. You've tried, more than once, to fix your discipline and consistency issues. 

You've watched motivational videos. 
Listened to podcasts. 
Told yourself over and over again that you would push yourself, work harder, and be more focused. 

NONE of it has worked. And there's a reason for that... 

Where You're headed...

That stuff doesn't work because it depends on you remembering to do them, and because beating yourself up doesn't result in discipline. 

You're on your way to a lifetime of frustration and disappointment, filled with half-done projects, almosts and coulda / shoulda / woulda. 

Is that what you want? 

the good news: there's a solution that you can Plug into RIGHT NOW... 

You need more than motivation and hard work. 

You want a SYSTEM that makes discipline easy, duplicatable and dependable. Something that works the same way, every time. That process is the 30 Days To Discipline Course. 

Here's just some of what you get with 30 Days To Discipline... 

You're Less Than 4 Weeks Away From Finishing Everything You Start
* Master discipline in less than a month.
* Get our complete self-discipline framework.

Learn To Have Full Trust In Yourself
* Stop leaving things undone.
* Develop and sharpen your follow-Through.

You Get Things Done NOW – Not Later
* Move yourself to action ASAP and stop putting things off.
* Destroy your procrastination habits.

You Won't Need To Remind Yourself About Discipline As It's Part Of You
* Have discipline be something you ARE –– not just what you DO.
* Build success-creating habits.

You Make The Most Of Your Potential Starting NOW
* Know you're maximizing your time and resources.
* Stop disappointing yourself.

30 Days To Discipline: Follow through, finish what you start, and never quit on yourself again

Depending on your experience with discipline, it's either the key to your success, or a dirty word that you avoid at all costs. 

Either way, you know you need (more of) it.  

Good news: You already have it! 

What you have may be unconscious, destructive Disciplines – eating too much chocolate, procrastination, second-guessing yourself... 

How about we build more positive, success-building Disciplines? 

This 30-Day video program shares a new Discipline-Building principle every day. 

It is said it takes 21 days to build a habit. Discipline Never Does The Bare Minimum. 
plus, you'll get these BONUS masterClasses... 

Just so we make sure you get EXACTLY what you need for mastering your Discipline -- enjoy these BONUS MasterClasses that will make your Discipline UNBREAKABLE...

1) Why Your Discipline Feels Like Punishment $97 Value
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3) Stop Negotiating Against Yourself $97 Value
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what People say about Dre's materials...
I start every day with the motivational words of Dre Baldwin. The book and podcast provides focus and a reminder of what's important right now. There are a lot of people that coach and motivate but there's something special about hearing the right message at the right time that's priceless. The icing on the cake is that this material is poetic in the sense that the gold is in the brevity. It hits you right in the heart and stands back and says now what are you prepared to do to change.

- Chris Jones
While looking for resources to help improve the confidence of my 13 year old scholar athlete son, I came across the YouTube page of Dre. I viewed several videos and almost immediately found one on in-game nervousness that on point addressed the issues that my son was struggling with on the court and off. He viewed that video and started the mental work that Dre describes in that video. Less than a week later, he had one of his best games this session. It is now routine that we as a family view a video or listen to a podcast and discuss in a positive open way. It is helping my Sports Dad husband to understand he can’t want this more. We all know this, but sometimes you need to really hear the message relayed from someone who has been down the path of an athlete. Dre is able to make a connection with athletes that are far better than a lecture from Mom and Dad. His messages truly apply to not only sports, but school and life as well.

- TJ's Mom
I purchased this book, absolutely incredible knowledge inside this book, ive been following dre Baldwin for 9 or 10 years now, through his knowledge and videos it helped me change my life 5 years ago, of course i made the decision to change, but his videos and books really made an impact on my life, so i travel the world as a professional mma and muay thai fighter training at the best gyms in the world im currently in thailand training and fighting! and also i am a entrepreneur, ive consistently listened and watched his videos for all these years and listening and applying his philosophy changed my life when i was at rock bottom in my life. I absolutely recommend this book and also any book he puts out as well as all his social media platforms and videos, truly life changing knowledge and advice! I definitely recommend you taking this book seriously!

- Austin Pierce
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday.I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :) )

- Flor, Podcaster
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Dre is a master of peeling back the layers to get to what's really important. This book is a real, raw, and practical guide for getting whatever it is that you want. Be prepared to leave your excuses behind and experience mega growth.

- Misty Buck, Entrepreneur & Coach
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


WORK ON YOUR GAME will help you bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you're in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin's story and advice will inspire you to play your best -- no matter what your game.

- Dan Pink, NYT Bestselling Author
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Dre Baldwin is a tough, truth-telling coach who can change your game by teaching you how to work on it in the right ways. None of what he shares is easy, but all of it is smart, and if you have the guts to do the work, this book will show you the path to success.

- Nick Morgan, Bestselling Author
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Just finished book over the weekend—thanks so much for all the great info. It will be a great resource coaching at a Div 3 school---I know our best player from this season is trying to continue to play. Looking forward to sharing the info—great thoughts on mental toughness. Thanks again,

- Brad Oringer, College Basketball Coach
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