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Professionals call us for the Discipline, Confidence & Mental Toughness that furthers careers and maximizes potential...

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Dre Baldwin coaches professionals on Discipline, Confidence & Mental Toughness so you can start BEING the person you need to be -- at work and in life.

How To build & Reinforce Your "Game" Daily -- Even When You're On-The-Go...

Dre Baldwin's Books + Courses On Mental Toughness, Business, Communication, And Working On Your Game 

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[FREE] The Mirror Of Motivation 

learn the secrets about drive and confidence so you can active your best BEING -- and have the results come naturally...

[FREE] The Overseas Basketball Blueprint

get a Overseas Basketball contract so you can fulfill your dreams, get paid to play ball, and join the 1%  of athletes...

[FREE] How To Play As Well As You Practice

eliminate performance anxiety and play with total confidence so you can start showing your game and getting the recognition you deserve

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handy guides On Mindset, Branding, Selling Yourself, and people skills. dre is an author who will have you liking to read even if you don't see yourself as a "reader." 

Bulletproof Bundle 

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Work On Your Game 

The Mental Workbook 

30 Days To Discipline Manual

Bulletproof Mindset 1.0 manual

The Mental Handbook 

The Super You 

100 Mental Game Best Practices 

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Ask Yourself A Better Question 

Dre Philosophy Vol. 0 

The Seller's Mindset 

Work On Your Game: The untold stories

25 Conversation Starters 

55 Daily People Skills 

25 Reasons To Quit Worrying 

Basketball: The 4 Essential Mental Game Tools

Basketball: The 9 Essential Game Skills 

Basketball: 30 Days To Tryouts 

Basketball: Which Position Should You Play? 

Overseas Basketball Secrets 

basketball agents: DECODED

The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps

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Dre Goes Deep On Topics Of Mindset, Branding, Selling Yourself, And Networking. With These, You Can Not Only Choose Your Subject, But Learn At Your Own Pace -- Which Means You Can Take at a pace Comfortable For You. 
Get the full, comprehensive Mental Game package that forms the basis of Work On Your Game so you can dominate life from the inside out -- which means no more being your own worst enemy.
Get the key element that builds confidence and fuels performance so you can be consistent in your delivery -- which means no more inconsistency and unpredictability from yourself.
Everyone wants more self-belief. Learn how to step your confidence up in less than a month so you can start attacking life aggressively and watch things (and people!) move out of your way.
Learn how to converse, make connections and build your network so you can have the valuable resource of relationships -- which means you won't have to do all the work by yourself anymore.
You are who you are, you like what you like, and you don't owe anyone an explanation. How does that sound? With this course, that will become your default approach to life, which means you'll be a lot more comfortable being YOU.
Learn the keys to handling your most precious asset so you can stop trying to "manage" time and start controlling it -- which means no more feeling like you're always behind schedule.
Tap into the Mental Toughness to deal with life's challenges from the inside out so you will never be slowed down by setbacks -- which means you experience steady momentum.
If you're building an online business, you will learn to conceptualize, create and publish content endlessly so you can find and nurture an audience -- which means having a population of eager people who always want more from you.
The last thing you want to be is great at what you do, yet unable to get your goods & services in front of the people who want and need them. With this course, you'll learn how to get your name and work out there -- which means getting FULL *return on investment* for your abilities. 
It's time to up your worth -- and time to start demanding and getting it from the marketplace. Learn how to increase your perceived value, which means you can stop selling yourself short and feeling like you're settling. 
Your social media story is an underrated platform for reaching an audience and building an intimate connection. Take Social Story Secrets so you can learn to foster that connection -- which means you have lifelong fans who are much more than mere followers. 
The dating world is evolving, and a lot of things have moved online --- but people are still people. With the Get The Girl course, learn how to present yourself, communicate and make connections with the females you want, and how to make them want you.

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